The collective influence of our members, deployed strategically, is critical in advancing the initiatives and goals of SALC.

Members are encouraged to directly engage with SALC’s efforts as their interest and schedules allow. Examples of engagement opportunities and member benefits include:

  • A seat at the table of the leading public policy organization in the region.
  • Lending expertise to SALC staff and political leaders on issues critical to their corporate goals and economic vibrancy of the region and state.
  • Weighing in and/or testifying on legislative issues that impact the member’s industry or business as well as quality of life in the region.
  • Developing relationships with elected officials and lobbyists to advance priority goals.
  • Networking with other SALC members through:
    • General Membership meetings
    • Focus Area meetings
    • Annual Meeting and Retreat
    • Forums with elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels
    • Special VIP meetings/events of topical interest
    • A membership directory that helps members stay connected with one another
  • Receipt of pertinent communications including monthly newsletters, legislative updates, as well as a Year-in-Review report of SALC’s achievements and areas for future focus.


Membership in SALC is by invitation of the Board of Directors and is reserved for the CEO or the organization’s highest ranking leader in Southern Arizona. Prospective members are nominated by existing members and vetted through the Membership Committee.