Creating a vibrant community

We share a passion for Southern Arizona. Our members are dedicated to helping our region thrive. They commit their time, experience, resources and energy to improve our economic climate and preserve our unique environment and culture.

About SALC

Central to SALC’s work is the belief that a successful community relies and builds upon all of its resources including civic leaders, government officials, engaged citizens and business leaders. Consequently, SALC seeks to collaborate with a wide range of community members to better focus the community’s abilities and resources to keep our region strong and enhance the quality of life for all Tucson residents.

This is more than the belief that a healthy community leads to a healthy economy. It is a willing and eager acceptance of shared responsibility for creating an economically vibrant region in which to live and work.

Our vision is to be advancing a world-class community.

Our mission is to improve greater Tucson and the state of Arizona by bringing together resources and leadership to enhance the economic climate and quality of life in our communities.

Our values are
Collaboration, Fact-based, Impactful, Leadership, Trustworthiness

Partners for Progress
View the organizations we work with to further progress for our region.
Our History
On May 13, 1997, seven prominent Tucson business leaders came together to create the Southern Arizona Leadership Council.