Phillip Swaim
Swaim Associates Architects

Phil Swaim serves as president of Swaim Associates, LTD, a 20 person architectural firm.

A Tucson native, Phil grew up with his father, Bob, also an architect who started the firm in 1969, and mother, Donna, a teacher at the UA for 50 years. Phil went away to attend the University of Oregon, and after graduation lived in Denver, Colorado. After being involved in Denver’s booming downtown, he returned to Tucson to join his father at Swaim Associates in 1985 and became president of the firm in 1992.

Phil feels his membership in SALC is a natural fit, as for 50 years Swaim Associates has been involved in a wide range of projects to help create our community including:

  • Education, from early childhood through high school, and universities across the country to help inspire learning. Swaim also completed a K-12 school in Jamaica.
  • Health care, from clinics to hospitals with a focus on wellness.
  • Sports, from Kino soccer and Roadrunners hockey to U of A softball and football.
  • Commercial, from World View, TEP and Caterpillar to Vector Launch, creating a vibrant economy.
  • Downtown, from Unisource and the Tucson Convention Center to the AC Hotel, developing a thriving urban environment.

Swaim Associates has received many awards over the years, and they are very proud of the five Architect of the Year Awards from the American Institute of Architects and the Cornerstone Foundation, and over 15 Metropolitan Pima Alliance Common Ground Awards, demonstrating recognition from their peers and the strength of their collaboration with the community.

As well as his membership in SALC, Phil’s involvement in the community includes Tucson Airport Authority, City Planning Commission, City Climate Change Committee, The Salvation Army, YMCA, United Way, and assisting with youth soccer.


In addition to architecture, Phil is passionate about his wife, Sabrina, and daughter, Kelly, and can often be found cycling, hiking, skiing and traveling to new adventures.