John Moffatt
Director of Infrastructure Policy

John Moffatt is a native of Tucson and a graduate of Catalina High School and The University of Arizona.  His academic and research accomplishments include:

  • B.S. – Business Administration-minors in Economics and Systems Engineering
  • M.B.A.
  • M.S. ‐ Computer Science
  • Ph.D. – Education Administration and Computer Science
  • Technical and doctoral preparation courses at UCLA and cooperative technical projects on metacompilers and database structure with the Stanford Research Institute and IBM.

 With 60 years in the Information Technology industry and over 45 years as President of international software development and IT consulting firms; John has experience working with a wide range of industries including all levels of government, healthcare, education, logistics/distribution, manufacturing, defense, communications, and retail.

Dr. Moffatt’s most recent role as Director of Pima County’s economic development efforts included attracting new jobs to the region, the development of Sonoran Corridor concept, the 500-acre Aerospace Research Campus and surrounding utility, rail, water, data, and road infrastructure to repurpose land south of Raytheon as well as development and implementation of the County’s Opportunity Zone and Economic Development Plan.