Reetika Dhawan
Associate Member / Flinn-Brown Fellow

Reetika serves as Vice President of Workforce and CTE. Her experience includes working effectively with a diverse student body and staff, planning, prioritizing, problem solving, handling multiple projects, meeting deadlines, managing budgets. Prepares students for success, her education includes BSc major in Math, Physics and Chemistry, B.Ed. in teaching Sciences, Masters in Physics, Masters in Applied Math.

Reetika Dhawan has experience in teaching as well as leadership. She holds a B.S. in Math, Physics and Chemistry and a B.A. in Education with emphasis in teaching, a M.S. in Physics, and an M.S. in Applied Math. She has been teaching at the college and university level for 19 years and has taught for the Math and Engineering department at AWC, including higher level math courses. She has also taught courses in Statistics, Astronomy and Physics. Before advancing to Dean, she served as the Division Chair for Math and Engineering at AWC for three years. She also had the wonderful opportunity of creating her own successful learning center in her home city in India for Math, Physics and Engineering.

Her background gives her a unique understanding of leadership, assessment, project management, grant development, community outreach, curriculum development, career and tech advising, and budget management. In addition, she has served on numerous committees and boards over the years. She has received numerous accolades over the years, for teaching and leadership, including most recently the AWC Vice President Innovation Award. She has been awarded Teacher of the Year, Endowed Faculty Member, a NISOD Teaching award, the AWC Excellency Medal, the AWC Star Faculty Award, Instructor of the Year, and was a finalist for the Athena award. Reetika feels she brings a level of enthusiasm to her students which encourages their development. In her experience as Dean for Career and Technology, she has learned about the workings of the larger community, giving her greater insight in her ability to lead and direct students as well as provide a supportive role in their education.